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NOTE:  this website is my blog and does not offer any services other than to enjoy the beauty of the photos posted here.  This site is to showcase photos and offer easy access to view it to many people….

I AM….

a hippy, yoga, farmer who is on a mission to heal the world.  I am an Urban Shaman, a Wounded Healer, and a Crone to name a few of my archetypes. My passion is Design/Build. Through divine feminine guidance this magical place manifested for everyone to come and experience the abundance, joy and healing powers that exist here.


We exist as a hologram. One small change effects the ALL. I believe we have the ability to heal ourselves and planet earth. We do, after-all, create our own reality. ALL is mental. Our thoughts are energy, they have power and they are real. We are ALL undergoing a transformation; a shift in consciousness. We are ALL waking up to our higher self and I am here to assist in the awakening & to raise the vibration of the planet ?
My purpose is to bring love and light into this time, space, reality.

~ Offer insight into consciousness based healing methods and techniques

~ Share products to promote a balanced holistic lifestyle

~ Discuss various holistic and healing methods

enJOY this site and I look forward to evolving together as a collective consciousness in peace, harmony and balance.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you from my heart)


Ka'anapali Beach
Me at Ka’anapali Beach – Maui.



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