Aug 26th 2018 – seedling update

Sunday farm day! We survived the hurricane. The barn was able to provide shelter to many who were evacuated because of fire ?

This morning there is a beautiful rain at the farm. Six of the seedling trays were ready to be moved outside. They are lined up along the west side of the barn enjoying the fresh air, shielded from the winds – outside for the first time. A lot of love has gone in to growing the seedlings. Much healing and energy will come through them. The barn has worked marvelously, serving it’s purpose, germinating the seeds in the seedling room.

I am so excited to get the raised plant beds in. We’ve been delayed due to the storm but the 6 yards of compost that was delivered remains thankfully after the storm, and is ready to be moved into the beds. The seedlings ? will need a place very soon.

Meditation ?‍♀️ has been taking place daily in my practice while I’m on Maui. It’s so easy here and so natural nestled in the beauty of the coffee farm. I’m beyond excited for my girlfriends to arrive shortly so we can all be together at the farm. Nalani truly is “of the heavens” – just as the word means. I will not attemp to describe the serenity and beauty of this farm. There are no words. I am so honored and blessed to be implementing the farm plan FINALLY!!

Seedlings ? August 2018

What a blast planting seedlings in the seedling room of the barn! The elements on the barn are working like magic and in 1 day we have sprouts. Working with the elements and meditation certainly is increasing the germination time for the seeds.

Excited to watch these healing plants grow while documenting the process of meditation and intentional thoughts directed to the plants themselves.  The abundance and healing potentials enfused with these plants is pure magic at its finest ✨


April 22, 2018

May the seeded blessings of Earth Day be in everyone’s hearts throughout everyday on this beautiful planet.


A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.

Food Forest @ Sacred Hill Farm

Tropical permaculture  evolving at Sacred Hill Farm.  The site evaluation has been done by a couple of Maui’s best farmers.  I am so proud to be focusing on grubbing the 100 year plain.  We will be eradicating all the invasive plants and trees that currently inhabit the plain and replacing with a fully sustainable food forest.  My sincere hope is that the neighboring farms do the same on their land.  I am honored to start the process for all to partake in the abundance of the land.

Below is an awesome documentary on Tropical Permaculture and something Sacred Hill Farm will be modeling.   We intend to be an organic self sustaining ecosystem as well as an educational retreat center that will bring healing to everyone through knowledge and plant medicine.

Be sure to check back to the website site for updates as the project evolves throughout 2018.

Mahalo Nui Loa~

February 2018 – Farm Plan Evolving

Blessings and abundance surrounded me on my trip to Maui last week. I had the honor of spending time on Uncle George’s farm in Wailuku. I was given the VIP treatment by Miss. Reagan & Miss. Breanna.

Uncle George’s Farm

me & baby goat


Nalani Farm


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We exist as a hologram. One small change effects the ALL. I believe we have the ability to heal ourselves and planet earth. We do, after-all, create our own reality. ALL is mental. Our thoughts are energy, they have power and they are real. We are ALL undergoing a transformation; a shift in consciousness. We are ALL waking up to our higher self and I am here to assist in the awakening & to raise the vibration of the planet ?
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Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you from my heart)


Ka'anapali Beach
Me at Ka’anapali Beach – Maui.