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So good to be back on the island and enjoying the fruits of my labor with good friends!  I am really looking forward to spending time with Dave and Ashley as we celebrate all of our success and abundance this weekend!

Lots of incredible things happening, it’s been so wonderful to unwind with my dear friends and enjoy coffee with some new neighbors!  My gratitude is overflowing.  Maui has always been a place of inspiration and creativity – I’ll be updating soon with dates for advanced copies of my book!  Stay tuned!


It’s finally happening.  I am happy to announce the raised beds are being installed this week – just in time for the new moon.  I’m here and I’ll be sowing the seeds myself.  JOY is beyond the word to describe my excitement.

I’ve partnered up with an amazing soul to accomplish this.  I am so blessed to be learning from the best.  George, my new farming partner, is a legend in Maui and around the world and is known as Hawaii’s best loved musician.  He is a storyteller who is true pono by opening his mind and heart to share his knowledge and wisdom.  He is a farmer and seeking to expand his farming operations to the west side.  We are planting an edible food forest and specializing in medicinal healing plants and herbs.  George is a Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner and he will be teaching me and others true Hawaiian farming techniques.

I will post pictures of David and Ashley as well as the birth of the new garden.  I’m so very excited to share it all with each of you.  You are all so special to me and have kept me motivated, driven and moving to make this beautiful space my biggest accomplishment yet.

Pure magic~


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